Astrological Significance of Gomed

Gomed, also known as Hessonite, is the gemstone for Rahu. Rahu is not as such a planet in the solar system, but it is regarded as the Moon’s north node. However, as per the astrology, it plays an important role in determining the impact of various planets placed in the birth chart. Rahu is very fiery and its poor placement in a natal chart impacts in tensions, worries, mental disturbances, strained relationships, and unpredictable changes.

Rahu’s ill effects are neutralized by the luster and power of the uniformly colored and transparent Gomed. Only the honey colored hessonite is associated with Rahu. The stones having following things can not be used for an astrological purpose:

  • Having elements of blue, green or white.
  • Being colorless or very dull in shade
  • Having two distinct colors
  • Containing black spots

This gemstone works well for people associated with politics, legal practices, and court affairs and is especially good for those having Rahu’s presence in the 10th house (as per Vedic astrology).

Gomed provides the wearer with mental peace and relief from suffering, frequent quarrels, hindrances in business, disturbed career, money shortages, and inner struggles. Wearing Gomed removes all kinds of fears from the person along with providing him/her with spiritual growth and clarity of mind. The wearer notices improved happiness, health, and wealth.

All gemstones must be worn only after proper astrological consultation as there are many factors to be kept in mind.

  • The quality and color of the stone.
  • Karatage – Low karat gemstones don’t give required impact. Some astrologers use the Ratti system to prescribe weight. You can check out Ratti-Karat conversion here.
  • The casing of the gem for ring or pendant. Gomed should be set in silver.
  • The mantra or prayer to be recited for blessings (before the first-time usage).
  • The finger on which the ring must be worn in.
  • The procedure (gemstone purification method etc.)
  • The auspicious day and time to wear it for the first time.
  • Duration of wearing the stone – Astrologers recommend a time frame as per intensity of issues and other considerations.

Caution: If a gemstone is not right for your birth chart or is not worn the right way, then it will give adverse effectsIt’s time for you to check out which gemstone works best for you and your prosperity! Or connect with our astrologer for a consult.

Gomed or Hessonite is mainly found in the Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka. You can easily buy one for yourself or know more about them from following links:

Kinnari Ashar

Kinnari Ashar

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