Astrological Significance of Diamond

Diamond is known as the king of all the precious gemstones. It represents the planet Venus, also known as Shukra, which is the third brightest amongst all the planets. Venus is of a great importance since it is associated with medicine, science, mesmerism, hypnotism, and tantra.

Diamond is white in color and is known for its beauty and luster. It drastically increases the happiness and financial prosperity of the person who wears it. The wearer of this gemstone develops a methodological and systematical approach to all the problems in their life. He/she also experiences wisdom and maturity in their relationships, dealings and people around them will always praise them for their intense confidence.

Diamond has an increased positive influence of the planet Venus in terms of wealth, health and stamina. The wearer experiences a blissful and blessed marital life along with good health. It is also responsible for generating desired qualities in the person and reduces the inferiority complex in that person. However, the wearer should keep a check on their ego problems and not be a part of any types of unnecessary criticism, especially by their loved ones.

People with zodiac signs Taurus and Libra are the best suitable to wear diamonds as Venus rules these signs. These people can be actors, artists, doctors, industrialists, hoteliers, or gold sellers. They would be benefitted the most by the effects of diamonds if they wear it.

Diamonds are known to keep away the negativity from you and bring you happiness and confidence. Also, it makes you successful in life and your career and will aid you in achieving your goals. Diamond jewelry also enhances the outer beauty, especially amongst women and makes them look beautiful and glamorous.All gemstones must be worn only after proper astrological consultation as there are many factors to be kept in mind.

  • The quality and color of the stone.
  • Karatage – Low karat gemstones don’t give required impact. Some astrologers use the Ratti system to prescribe weight. You can check out Ratti-Karat conversion here.
  • The casing of the gem for ring or pendant.
  • The mantra or prayer to be recited for blessings (before the first-time usage).
  • The finger on which the ring must be worn in.
  • The procedure (gemstone purification method etc.)
  • The auspicious day and time to wear it for the first time.
  • Duration of wearing the stone – Astrologers recommend a time frame as per intensity of issues and other considerations.

Caution: If a gemstone is not right for your birth chart or is not worn the right way, then it will give adverse effectsIt’s time for you to check out which gemstone works best for you and your prosperity! Or connect with our astrologer for a consult.

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Kinnari Ashar

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