Astrological Significance of Cat’s Eye

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia or Lahsuniya in Hindi), is the gemstone for the mythical planet Ketu, astrologically referred to as the ‘descending node of the moon’. Basically, during Ketu ‘dasha’ or period, wearing Cat’s Eye helps in subsiding the overall negative impact of Ketu and improving the positive aspects of life. It is believed that wearing this gemstone increases bravery, bliss, strength, and pleasure throughout his/her life. It is also known to provide protection to the wearer from any dangers, hidden enemies, diseases, poverty, sorrows, calamities, and saves the person from any evil and negative influences surrounding him. Cat’s Eye wearer’s money would stay with him for longer durations and if in case he incurs a monetary loss, this gemstone is claimed to be useful in retrieving that too. Astrologers often recommend women having problems with conception to wear Cat’s Eye finger ring.

You can learn more about the astrological impact of Ketu as per astrology here.

As the name suggests, this stone looks similar to the eye of a Cat and is mainly sourced from the Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka. It comes in a combination of colors like yellow-green, golden-green, black-yellow, yellow-white and grayish smoky-green. Just like a cat’s eyes, this gemstone shines in the dark. An ideal Cat’s Eye stone is said to have a strong strip of a white band running across the surface, resembling the semi shut eye of a cat (Chatoyant Band).

This precious stone influences wisdom, intellect, and relationships of the wearer. So, any person experiencing hurdles in business, fear of accidents, or any despairs in life should try it. All gemstones must be worn only after proper astrological consultation as there are many factors to be kept in mind.

  • The quality and color of the stone.
  • Karatage – Low karat gemstones don’t give required impact. Some astrologers use the Ratti system to prescribe weight. You can check out Ratti-Karat conversion here.
  • The casing of the gem for ring or pendant.
  • The mantra or prayer to be recited for blessings (before the first-time usage).
  • The finger on which the ring must be worn in.
  • The procedure (gemstone purification method etc.)
  • The auspicious day and time to wear it for the first time.
  • Duration of wearing the stone – Astrologers recommend a time frame as per intensity of issues and other considerations.

Caution: If a gemstone is not right for your birth chart or is not worn the right way, then it will give adverse effectsIt’s time for you to check out which gemstone works best for you and your prosperity! Or connect with our astrologer for a consult.

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Kinnari Ashar

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